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Increasingly, leadership teams in the modern business climate are intrigued by the opportunity for new insights arising from the application of new software, modeling techniques, and large and diverse Big Data sources. Properly executed data analytics can elevate a solid business into an insightful and intuitive leader in its industry.

we know that Effective analytic solutions  can transform an organization by providing a sustained competitive advantage.

Afrisk Analytics  fully assesses each unique analytical environment to accurately frame the business objective ,implement solutions that deliver maximum value and provides intelligence and addressing risk across the strategic, operational, and representational landscape.


Advanced Analytics

Let us walk you through the basic building blocks of a successful analytics strategy.
Developing prototypes and customized analytic solutions starts with a practical approach to data science.

Analytics Training 

Develop a common foundation for data analytics and enhance your team’s technical and non-technical knowledge base with focused analytics training.

Business Intelligence

Afrisk Analytics can help you apply data science to real-world solutions with text mining, streaming data, predictive analytics, and more. Business intelligence (BI) is a way to reveal actionable insights in your data.  If you ever wonder about the “why” behind your spreadsheets, you need BI to help you understand the drivers powering the numbers you see. You need to be able to ask questions of your data in plain language and get answers you can understand.

IT Audit & Compliance

Internal audit and compliance are both very essential functions in an organisation. In recent years, Compliance and Internal Audit have risen in importance, both signifying critical control components of an organization’s structure.

Afrisk Analyst’s Internal Audit, Compliance & Risk Management Solutions practice helps you anticipate the risks that can threaten your strategic growth. We identify the interactions between the risks that impact your business. We understand the interconnections between the ‘lines of defense’, and enable you to turn each function – Internal Audit, Risk Management & Compliance and Controls Testing & Monitoring Solutions  – into a strategic asset to drive business performance.


Afrisk Analytics  has been providing certified and notarized translations  to companies, law offices and individuals for more than 5 years. We specialize in translation services for legal and educational documents: birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, divorce decrees, power of attorneys, affidavits, transcripts, diplomas and other documents.

Model Validation

With greater regulatory scrutiny driving more organizations to adopt quantitative models as part of  a comprehensive AML monitoring strategy , financial institutions are taking a close look at whether their current AML Models are delivering the results needed to both support the business and meet examiners expectations