Internal Audit, Compliance & Risk Management Solutions




Afrisk Analytics ’s Internal Audit, Compliance & Risk Management Solutions practice helps you build effective internal audit and risk management functions and anticipate the risks that can threaten your business and impact your growth. We understand the interconnections between the ‘lines of defense’, and help you to turn each function – Internal Audit , Risk Management & Compliance and Control Testing  & Monitoring Solutions – into a strategic asset to drive business performance. Afrisk Analytics helps customers be truly in control by providing a sustainable solution that balances performance and conformance.

Through our global, deep industry experience, we have developed world-class Governance, Risk, and Compliance solutions that support and align with industry risk management drivers such as regulatory compliance, audit, information security, and governance. Our highly configurable solutions are an ideal fit for any industry sector that’s looking to enhance its Internal Audit, Compliance and Risk Management capabilities.