Fintech, One of the Most promising industries

You may have heard the  term “FinTech” somewhere. , What  is it actually? And why is it important for some Students and  entrepreneurs  to know about and understand? Many students majoring in  (Quantitative) Finance want to work in Fintech and often do not know the right path to get in that industry.
Broadly, the term Fintech, Financial technology, can apply to  a  business that aims at providing financial services by making use of software and modern technology. any innovation in how people transact business, from the invention of digital money to double-entry bookkeeping.
I would recommend to start with some  programming classes (Python, R), Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence . Some free online learning platforms such as  Coursera, Udacity or Udemy will be useful . These courses are addressed to any skills levels  (beginner, intermediate, advanced). Also, it is recommended to  track  what the Fintech firms do.  In order to be successful in Fintech, It is  very clear that you must have a good and innovative idea for using technology to solve a problem that financial services firms have.
Most Banking customers , Especially millennial  prefer quick and easy banking services over walking to a branch, appointments with Bankers and lengthy processes setting up accounts where mobile and digital banking services allow for a  stress-free process).

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